First female’s ¬†feet worship encounter……..

Hi i love woman’s feet , i dont know when it started but yes i love to see them feel them this is a fantasy story which starts as under

I used to go for work training at my uncle’s house i used to maintain  his clients accounts and other routine work. Normally it took me 2 to 3 hrs to complete my work after that i have no work to do so i used to sit ideal in evening uncle used to check my work and let me go home 

Aunty is not keeping well with here health and her maid didn’t do work of household well. So aunty regular scold here for not doing work. And the day came they had a fierce fight and in which i had to come and sort out maid said she is leaving the work and aunt is upset who will help here in household. Seeing aunt very upset i said that aunt you dont worry i will handle all your household work.she looked at me with surprise and said how will you clean the dishes and mop the house, i said to her that i will manage. So the day past when i came tomorrow to work i finished my daily routine and then  aunt said to me that now do the household work, first day wos awful as i did it first time in my life.

Next day i was getting used to it and she also started treating me as her slave. Ordering me to clean her house ,washing clothes and utensils 

In evening aunt regular used to do walk t stay fit, one evening she orderd me to make tea, i did it and gave it to her then she told me that her feet are aching and told me to remove her shoes and gI’ve her a foot massage , i was bit shocked that what was she saying .

Then i removed her shoes but the smell was not good of her feet but strangely ut was fine to me ,then i removed her socks while she was busy sipping tea. Then she told me hurry up massage my foot. I touch her feet put it on my lap and begin massaging after one foot was over she kept that foot on my Shoulder and sad o another foot . I was in state of shock that how can aunt treat me in such a way after doing the other foot she put both her feet on my face and began rubbing them when i tried to speak something she put one of her toes inside my mouth and said that now you are my slave and slave are bound to live under their mistress feet and worship them she said now its your duty to worship my feet every evening when i come from walk

Then she said that pull your tongue out and start licking my feet and clean themi said no and begin to stand up then she forcefully made me sit and slapped me with her feet and said that its your mistress order and now lick my feet or i will maje you lick it 

Then i pulled my tongue out and started to worship her feet the taste was salty and awfull but later i begin to like it 

Then she made me suck on her toes and lick clean soles of her feet after 15 minutes she wiped her feet from my clothes and said its over for today 

And said now you will address me as your mistress and now on i am your goddess and you are my slave you are bound to follow my each and every command 

Now you can go to your home and come tomorrow

That day was my first real life encounter to a woman’s feet 

Hope you like it part 2 will continue from here….enjoy